• Story Kits by Speech&Smile

    Support language and interaction with these super adorable trinkets that go along with the Margo and You, Sy and you, and the Christmas stories. Target sequencing, vocabulary, describing, categorization and so much more. Great for therapy, homeschooling or just for fun reading.

    Mission: Inclusion Story Kits 
  • Mission: Inclusion Adaptable Outfits

    Get your custom Mission: Inclusion or Margo outfit handmade by The Yellow Pterodactyl. Checkout her website to order yours. These designs are G-tube accessible. Just let her know.

    Mission: Inclusion Adaptable Outfits 
  • Mission: Inclusion Wrapping Paper

    Wrap your next birthday or holiday gift in this disability inclusive wrapping paper made by Whitney&Wheeler. Spread love and representation.

    Whitney & Wheeler