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Join the Mission: InclusionTM characters during daily activities as they celebrate and identify similarities and differences.

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Come spend the first day back at school with Sy. He uses... 

  • Laylen and Margo

  • Mrs. Craft and Laylen

  • Margo

  • Customer Review

    "Wow. Just wow! Spending the day with Margo in this book was incredible! The way she brought us along to show us that everyone is different and our differences are what make us the same is the perfect lesson for any kid OR adult. We also loved counting the turtles along the way. My kids enjoyed it being a “different pet” despite the norm." Karley H.

  • Customer Review

    "I had a special moment with my older daughter. Her cousin is tube fed and she started to read this book and realized that they can do the same things but may do them differently. This book is not only making a difference for children with disabilities but also their friends and family. It was a really sweet moment." -Jennifer F. 

  • Customer Review

    "I plan to get every book that Mission: Inclusion publishes. This book really helped explain to my nephew, who is 3 years old that I can do the same thing as a person without a feeding tube. I am very glad that this book was published." - Tarrah

  • Customer Review

    "I absolutely loved sharing this book with my nephew. We had a blast looking at the pictures, finding Laylen, and talking about how we do the same things only differently!
    We’re looking forward to meeting all the characters and I’m looking forward to giving his teachers a copy!" -Maria

  • Customer Review

    "Such a wonderful and engaging, inclusive book! My six year old loved the story, enjoyed answering the questions, and then had questions of his own! It was a book that really triggered his curiosity about feeding tubes.
    We need more books like this in our world. Excited to read more books by the author! Highly recommend!!!" -Jill B.

  • Customer Review

    "Margo and You, written by Megan Craft, is a great introduction to the future Mission: Inclusion book series. Margo is a little girl who uses a feeding tube and talks about how her day is the same as everyone else’s day. Except, she might eat a little differently than you, or maybe not! I love how each page ends with a question that the reader can answer. I found myself answering the questions in my head as I read along. What did I eat today? This gives children a chance to be part of the story and feel like Margo is their friend. It’s an easy read that will keep children of all ages engaged. My daughter loved reading about Margo and we discussed the many different reasons someone may need to use a feeding tube. I am excited to read future Mission: Inclusion books and meet new, amazing characters just like you and me!" -Megan H

Customer Reviews

"I am absolutely obsessed. This book is my new favorite thing. The pictures are gorgeous, and welcoming and it is so well done. Megan Craft is truly an amazing person and I love the work she is doing" -Julia C

"Thank you so much! As somebody with a feeding tube, the inclusion means the world to me. Back when I first got mine, I would have loved to have a book like this. It was also such a pleasure to work with you on the tape!" Ashley H

"Margo & You quickly became one of our favorites! First impression of this book were of the size, how good it felt in small hands, and the large inviting fonts! In this story, we meet Margo. Margo uses a feeding tube and she explains how we may be alike or different but either way we still live our lives.
The author wrote the story with so much heart. As a reader, I believe we see that first-hand. I read this story with both of my children. They were both engaged, interested and comprehended the theme and story well. I recommend this wonderful Mission: Inclusion book Margo & You. Margo is a wonderful character that shows perfect representation. We are excited and hope to have the opportunity to meet her friends with their books next." -Britanie

"My children loved this book. It’s easy for them to follow along with, the colors are bright and vivid and the quality of this book is phenomenal. The story of Margo is such a great and easy way to engage in communication with your child as you read-it includes great straight forward questions to discuss. We can’t wait to meet Margo’s friends!" -Kari B

"We are loving Margo! The illustrations in this book are fun and detailed and the story leaves so much room for discussion. My husband hopped online after reading to our youngest to learn more about feeding tubes. I also brought it to my library class to read to k and1st. They talked so much about differences and similarities and really engaged with the story." -Sharon M