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Margo and You HARDCOVER

Margo and You HARDCOVER

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Come spend a fun-filled morning with Margo. Margo is a young girl with a feeding tube, who loves playing outside and spending time with her giant tortoise. Margo and You is the first book in the Mission: Inclusion™️ series. 

Mission: Inclusion™️ books help children understand and identify with characters with disabilities. Join Margo and her friends as they celebrate similarities and differences on their journey of Mission: Inclusion™️.

HARDCOVER 8.0x8.0 in, 26 pages


Hardback cover with inside pages made of paper.

Shipping & Returns

If the book needs to be returned for any reason, please send me an email with issues and pictures, if possible.


8 in x 8 in

Care Instructions

Please keep in a dry area. The book is made of paper so liquids and/or moisture can cause damage to cover and pages.

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